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I have some good news for the jak and daxter fans out dear A NEW GAME IS COMING UP !!! even do thei are al rumors it is a bit  confirmed by Naughty dog that thei are gone make a new game from our 2 heros .

However their is bad side about the story..because of the economy crisis thei had sold the user right,s from the game to a other game  enterprise and that have make a  BIG !!smuch on the jak and daxter name... thei have made games as the lost frontier and such ..but Naught dog is from plan to give the game a last chance even after the dilema that the game hase come to.

Naught dog is from plan to give jak and daxter a Uncharted leason twist on the game so it a suprise if the game comes up ^^ but agian Naught dog is not from plan to proceed the story from the lost frontier or jak X (it is a pity ) thei are gone first finisht the game: the last of us (that is all ready on the maket)and see if the uncharted group are gone help whit jak and daxter series.

The jak and daxter game is maybe coming up on the end of this year or the next all i cone say is that i have my thumbs up for it.

have a nice day J and D fans.
mjroady Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Please support this so Nuaghtydog does make another jak and daxter game
InstaStud Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
is Torn in it? i hear they no put him in the games now:iconsadnessplz:
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April 27, 2012